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A modern restaurant with a menu that will make your mouth water. 

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Our Story

Palestinian chef “Abu Faris” Ismail, who was born in Jordan, currently resides in the Chicago area. Mr. Ismail got his love and passion for food from his adored mother. Born in Pakistan, Atlas Khan introduced the legacy of Desi cuisine and banquet knowledge he had received from his father to Illinois in 1996.

Both Abu Faris and Atlas Khan have combined the most tasteful Middle Eastern and Desi culinary elements that may be found in your neighborhood. Without a visa or ticket, travel with your taste buds right her in America. Heighten your experience with Middle Eastern/Desi service and decor.



culture and inspiration

Our restaurant is unique in it’s fusion of Middle Eastern Cuisine and Desi Cuisine. Inspired by Palestinian Restauranteur and Chef Abu Faris and Pakistani Entrepreneur Atlas Khan. 

Why choose us

Fresh food & friendly Staff

Meat is sourced through our very own zabiha halal slaughterhouse. Our team is trained to treat our customers like family as they enter our restaurant. 



Good Food and Drinks